Install and try Windows 8 Developer Preview on “Fujitsu Stylistic Q550” tablet


To its rock solid portfolio of Operating Systems, Microsoft announced a new one called “Windows 8”.

For me this is a new “breed” that will revolutionize the developer community and the industries that use Microsoft products in their businesses. One most important brick in this tendency is the “DEVELOPER” as on this brick all other stuff will be built.

I have got the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 for personal, development and organizational purposes. I use the brilliant Microsoft OneNote in combination with the pen that comes with the Stylistic to note things at work, at home, in bars, in metro, everywhere … as the ideas come in most unexpected places and contexts.

Once I read the news about the Windows 8 Preview, that was the minute I was starting to look forward to backup my data from the tablet and get on it Windows 8 for a spin. Why I believe this is  “a new breed” is because of its “from scratch” tablet features that will serve as an impulse for a new breed of apps and all sorts of specialized markets. In combination with the Cloud crazy apps + some business oriented Gadgets  and VoIP features this will become “The Last Emperor” to live on earth in the IT industry as it will be the reference platform and devices to take into a meeting or family reunions.


Let’s get to business.


1. Here is my tablet , the pen, Windows 7 and “The One Note”. (I wouldn’t drop the ‘The’ here)


(Before placing an order for this device I have read some flame wars on “N-Trig versus Wacom” which got me concerned a bit. But for my inking this device is a standout, no problems there nor with other its usages. And the battery lasts like “forever”.)


2. Here is the Developer preview of the Windows 8. Download the version you need.

On my machine I have downloaded the 32bit version



3. As I do not have an external DVD to plug into the tablet I used the USB key scenario:

    • Download and install the Windows USB DVD Tool
    • Run and choose the Windows 8 disk image, then choose the USB option and let it do its job




      4. Insert the USB key prepared above into the tablet, boot from it and … “let there be light” …



      5. Check the photos on Facebook or below

            6. Check the video for some more impressions













          After using the tablet for a day, the feedback can only be positive on this new OS. I suspected that tablet I bought would have some improvements with Windows 8 but what I saw in my hands is extremely much more than improvements.

          For the tablet and mobile computing world this is the new hot thing from all aspects, and is here to stay from now on.

          For reference here are some practical and pleasant user experience:

            • Keyboard is cool, it finally seems that it is made for this kind of input.
            • Scrolling in IE or anywhere else is smooth and pleasant. This is a killer one and makes the tablet be actually a “tablet”.
            • The devices that have the capacitive touch screens with Windows 8 respond immediately no lags or stuff like that.
            • The feeling of the start screen is same as for Windows Phone which is good, you can keep things organized and at your fingertips.
            • Inking. Absolutely cool. Nowadays a tablet with no ink is almost worthless. No meetings, no notes, no brain stimulation.
              For reference of what’s in there for the developers, check out the official sites. But if you’re a developer you probably already did.
                    The Verdict  ->  10 stars out of 5.
                    Taking into consideration that Fujitsu Stylistic is not a horse-power – all those things worked perfectly out of the box no drivers or updates installed. Taking also into account that this is just the developer preview and not the final product – makes me want Windows 8 out so bad that for the time being I have decided to stick with the Developer Preview because it already works for me for the internet navigation and Windows Journal notes taking.

                  Few hours of Windows 8 and I’m already spoiled – not going back to Windows 7 on a tablet.


                1. Thanks for your article Nicolae.
                  I did setup my W8 x64 on an MSI WindPad 110W.
                  Perfect User Experience.

                2. Tourniquet · · Reply

                  Thanks for the review Nicolae.

                  I also got a Q550, but i’ve got many problems with the DisplayDriver. I got flickering all over, and without the Ntrig driver multitouch doesnt work at all.

                  So all you did was a clean install, without any driver install?

                  1. Yes it is a clean install, no drivers or updates. I did notice some flickering too but very rarely and not something bothering.

                    The NTrig drivers from Windows 7 are not working, there are some tricks on the net with “DPInst” but they are not working for me.
                    Some people got them working on Dell Latitude XT2 though.

                    Most probably we’ll have to wait for the final version of Windows 8 to come out and at that moment there will be all the needed drivers for it.

                    Till then we’ll have some fun with prototyping some apps for the “Metro” :)

                3. Tourniquet · · Reply

                  Do you get the right resolution with the standard display driver?

                  I tried both one installation with just the standard drivers and one with windows 7 drivers, but each time something was not quite right. I know its just a preview, but on my EP121 Windows 8 worked soooo well, and i want it to work as good on the Q550.

                  Btw i was able to install the Ntrig drivers. I think i installed them in compatible mode without a restart an installed one driver manually in the device manager.

                  Also the UMTS modul seems to make some problems in windows 8 :(

                  1. Mm… for the screen resolution I don’t remember, what I remember is that I had to change it manually to normal because it was at minimal.

                    I will try the compatible mode one more time to see if I’ll have more luck this time.

                    As for the UMTS , so far I did not tried it, no need for a data pland so far.

                4. Thanks for forging this path. I installed Windows 8 on my Q550 and was able to get the nTrig drivers to install (using the trick of running the installer in compatibility mode as admin and then loading one driver manually); however, I wanted to see if you were having issues with the touch aspect of the machine. At first I just thought the hardware was being overwhelmed or performing poorly; however, when I use the pen everything is very, very snappy. When I use touch it seems to go in bouts of reading correctly and bouts of it not reading correctly. It seemed to respond better before I loaded the nTrig drivers, so I removed those. I’m still seeing really bad reading on the touch interface, especially trying to get the pop-out windows menu to appear. Are you seeing anything like that?

                  1. >> I’m still seeing really bad reading on the touch interface, especially trying to get the pop-out windows menu to appear. Are you seeing anything like that?

                    Thanks for sharing this,

                    I have this too ! and I didn’t even install the drivers. It seems that over time (few months) it gets a bit “lasy” on reading the touch input with or without the drivers. So to not get it “to be confused” about what I’m gonna ask it to do, I use the pen 80 % of time. So far this seems to work well.

                5. Edwin Krüger · · Reply

                  Hallo Nicolae,

                  how did you get running the Digitizer pen on WIN 8.?
                  I installed WIN 8 on my Q550, but i’m not able to run N-Trig.



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